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Joint-stock company
Founded 2004
Headquarters Novosibirsk, Russia

OJSC Novosibirskenergo (TGK-11; Russian: ОАО "Новосибирскэнерго"; MCXNVNG) is an electric power generation, transfer and distribution company located in Novosibirsk Oblast.[1]


As of 2007, the company has 6 electric power stations, with a total installed electric capacity of 2,977 MW. Most of them run on coal, gas or oil. The largest station is TPP-5, which had its first unit launched in 1985; it has a capacity of 1,200 MW. The company also runs the Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Station with an installed capacity of 455 MW. Its first unit was launched in 1957.[2]

Revenue in 2007 was RUB 21,875.00 million, while operating profit was RUB 2,819.00 million.[citation needed]

The company was created in 1993 as part of the privatization of Russia's energy system.[3] It has 14,067 employees.[citation needed] Its headquarters are located in the city Novosibirsk in Novosibirsk Oblast. The company is controlled by Mikhail Abyzov.[4]


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