Nuclear Cowboy

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Nuclear Cowboy
John Sykes nuclear cowboy.jpg
Studio album by John Sykes
Released October, 2000, Japan
Genre Hard rock
Length 49.36
Label Mercury Japan
Producer John Sykes
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Nuclear Cowboy
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Nuclear Cowboy is the fourth studio album by John Sykes. Released in 2000, in this album he experiments with adding electronic sounds to his characteristic guitar and vocal work.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Intro"- 0:34 (John Sykes)
  2. "We Will"- 4:07 (Sykes)
  3. "Nuclear Cowboy"- 4:23 (Sykes, Peter Black)
  4. "Arc Angel"- 4:56 (Sykes, Black)
  5. "Nothing Means Nothing"- 4:35 (Sykes)
  6. "Talking 'bout Love"- 5:39 (Sykes, Black)
  7. "One Way System"- 3:42 (Sykes)
  8. "Interlude "All Good People"- 0:25 (Sykes)
  9. "Degraded"- 4:16 (Sykes, Black)
  10. "Sick"- 4:10 (Sykes, Black)
  11. "I Wish It Would Rain"- 7:13 (Sykes)
  12. "Raising the Devil"- 5:36 (Sykes)