Nude on the Moon

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For album by the B-52's, see Nude on the Moon: The B-52's Anthology.
Nude on the Moon
Nude on the moon poster 01 Crisco Edit.jpg
Directed by Raymond Phelan
Doris Wishman
Produced by Martin Caplan
Doris Wishman
Written by Raymond Phelan
Doris Wishman
Starring Marietta[disambiguation needed]
William Mayer
Lester Brown
Pat Reilly
Ira Magee
Music by Daniel Hart
Doc Severinsen
Cinematography Raymond Phelan
Distributed by J.E.R. Pictures Inc.
Release dates
  • 1961 (1961)
Running time
83 min.
Language English

Nude on the Moon is a 1961 sexploitation film co-written and co-directed by Doris Wishman[1] and Raymond Phelan under the shared pseudonyms "O. O. Miller" and "Anthony Brooks". The film was produced in 1960 but was not released theatrically until 1961. Doris Wishman went on to become a significant filmmaker and noteworthy director of sexploitation movies. Wishman is also credited as the film's co-producer.


Nude on the Moon (also released under the title Moon Dolls) is the second of eight nudism-related films Wishman produced and directed. The nudist or nudist camp genre was a fairly common exploitation film genre of the late 1950s and early 1960s. While most nudist films were set within the confines of a conventional nudist camp, apparently as a promotional gimmick Wishman decided to invent a story about the discovery of a nudist civilization living on the Moon.


Working with a large sum of inherited money, two scientists build a rocket to take them to the Moon. Once there, they discover that the Moon's surface is covered with lush, tropical vegetation and giant golden nuggets. The astronauts are soon captured, however, by a colony of telepathic lunar nudists (who are actually topless rather than completely nude). Much of the film deals with the men's efforts to collect data documenting their discovery and well as with the burgeoning romance between the younger of the two astronauts and the queen of the Moon people. On their return, they realise that the most important evidence, the camera, has been left behind.


Nude on the Moon has an interesting musical soundtrack, especially for a relatively low-budget movie. The song "I'm Mooning Over You (My Little Moon Doll)" was sung by Ralph Young who, according to the Something Weird Video DVD release, appeared in Wishman's film Blaze Starr Goes Nudist under the pseudonym of "Russ Martine". Young would soon thereafter meet Tony Sandler and form Sandler and Young, a successful easy-listening duo. The lyrics and melody to the song were written by Wishman's niece, Judith Kushner, who collaborated with Wishman on many later film projects. Future Tonight Show bandleader Doc Severinsen also reportedly arranged the score for the film's theme song. It has been rumored that Doc Severinsen appears in the film, but he does not.


The Moon sequences in the film were shot at the popular Miami-area roadside attraction known as Coral Castle.


Like many of Wishman's films, Nude on the Moon is considered a cult movie. References to it in pop culture include:

  • Nude On The Moon, a two-disc CD anthology of music by The B-52's, released on Rhino Records. Lead singer Fred Schneider was a friend of Wishman's in her later years.
  • "Nude on the Moon", a 1996 single by electronica duo Tipsy, also appears on the album Trip Tease. One of the remixes is called the "naked volleyball mix".

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