Nurmagomed Shanavazov

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Nurmagomed Shanavazov
Personal information
Born February 19, 1965
Gubden village, Karabudakhkentsky District, Dagestan

Nurmagomed Magomedsandovich Shanavazov (Russian: Нурмагомед Магомедсандович Шанавазов) (born February 19, 1965), was a Russian boxer. Shanavazov won the Light Heavyweight Silver medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics for the Soviet Union. He trained at the Dynamo sports society in Makhachkala.

Shanavazov had no success as a professional. He turned pro in 1990 and lost his only three fights, including two losses to Sergei Kobozev. He retired in 1990 with a record of 0-3-0.

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