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Ó Grádaigh
Armorial of O'Grady
Country Kingdom of Thomond
Parent house Dál gCais
Founder Gradhach mac Treassach
Current head Henry Thomas Standish O'Grady

The O'Grady family, also styled O'Grady of Kilballyowen, is one of Ireland's noble families and surviving Chiefs of the Name. Their title is The O'Grady in English and Ó Grádaigh in Irish. The current Chief of the Name is Henry Thomas Standish O'Grady, The O'Grady, who resides in Sussex.

Naming conventions[edit]

Male Daughter Wife (Long) Wife (Short)
Ó Grádaigh Ní Ghrádaigh Bean Uí Ghrádaigh Uí Ghrádaigh
Ó Gráda[1] Ní Ghráda Bean Uí Ghráda Uí Ghráda


They belong to the Dál gCais kindred and are distant cousins to the O'Brien dynasty, but have since the Middle Ages been based not in County Clare, from where they originated, but in County Limerick. The (former) seat of the family, Kilballyowen, is near the town of Bruff.

The name Standish was often used by the family; it derives from the marriage in 1633 of Darby O'Grady, The O'Grady, to Faith Standish.

Some of the O'Grady family converted to the Church of Ireland (Anglican Communion) and produced a Bishop of Meath, Hugh Brady. The family also produced some prominent historians such as Standish Hayes O'Grady and Standish James O'Grady.

The now extinct title in the peerage of Ireland, the Viscount Guillamore, was held by the family.

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