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ORF2 logo n.svg
Launched September 11, 1961; 55 years ago (1961-09-11)
Owned by ORF
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audience share 21.2% (2016 (2016), ORF)
Country Austria, Italy (South Tyrol)
Formerly called Versuchsprogramm (1961-1967)
FS2 (1967-1992)
ORF 2 (1992-)
Sister channel(s) ORF eins
ORF Sport +
Website tv.orf.at/program/orf2
Channel 2
(DVB-T MUX A, free-to-air)
Channel 2
(DVB-T MUX D, Irdeto)
ASTRA 1N (Europe)
12.692 GHz H / 22000 (BetaCrypt, Cryptoworks, Irdeto 2, Nagravision 3 & VideoGuard)
ASTRA 1L (Europe)
11.303 GHz H / 22000 (BetaCrypt, Cryptoworks, Irdeto 2, Nagravision 3 & VideoGuard)
UPC Channel 102
Cablecom Channel 008

ORF 2 is an Austrian television channel owned by ORF.

ORF 2 was launched on 11 September 1961 as a technical test programme. Since 1970, ORF 2 broadcasts on seven days a week. Today it is one of the four public TV channels in Austria.

Whereas ORF eins focuses on TV series and movies, ORF 2 broadcasts cultural programming and regional information. There are regional broadcasts for each county in Austria but mostly only a half-hour when ORF broadcasts "Bundesland heute", a slot for regional news, at 7PM.

ORF 2 is available via DVB-T in Germany near the Austrian border and in parts of Munich. Unlike the German TV stations (which are generally available free-to-air), ORF eins and ORF 2 are encrypted over satellite.

History and „refreshment“[edit]

ORF 2 took up its broadcasting business as a "Technical Test Program" (Technisches Versuchsprogramm) on September 11, 1961. Since 1 September 1970 it is sent daily, previously only five days a week.

On January 9, 2012, a complete design change, called "refreshment", took place, similar to ORF eins. In line with the clear design of ORF eins, a vertical navigation bar as a central on-air element is now also to be used in ORF 2 to facilitate the program orientation. The design is designed to underline the strong Austrian identity of the station.

The color coding of the new design is completely red-white-red. This is visible in all animations - credits, idents, program references and -trailers. The information is based on a two-part image, but only moves up or down: the date and time are displayed on the left, the broadcasting titles on the right. In this way, more orientation points are set for the viewers than before, since, among other things, the temporal navigation of the program notes is emphasized stronger and clearer.


In contrast to ORF eins, ORF 2 radiates one more Austrian-oriented and cultural programs. The most important news broadcast Zeit im Bild is broadcast several times a day, the ZiB being the flagship of the station at 7:30 pm: Moderators of ZIB 1 are Rainer Hazivar and Nadja Bernhard as well as Tarek Leitner and Marie-Claire Zimmermann. The ZiB at 19:30 has a double modernization. At 19:00, with Bundesland heute (news for the federal states), nine regional window programs are broadcast for each state. In the broadcasting area of ​​Tyrol and in South Tyrol, which is part of Italy, Südtirol heute will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 6:30 pm, which will be produced by the ORF Landesstudio Tirol in Innsbruck.

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