Oak Grove Power Plant

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Oak Grove Power Plant
Country United States
Location Robertson County, near Franklin, Texas
Coordinates 31°10′53″N 96°29′17″W / 31.18139°N 96.48806°W / 31.18139; -96.48806Coordinates: 31°10′53″N 96°29′17″W / 31.18139°N 96.48806°W / 31.18139; -96.48806
Status Operational
Commission date Unit 1: 2009
Unit 2: 2010
Owner(s) Luminant
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal
Cooling source Twin Oaks Reservoir
Power generation
Nameplate capacity 1,600 MW

Oak Grove Power Plant is a 1.6-gigawatt (1,600 MW) coal power plant located north of Franklin, Texas in Robertson County, Texas. The plant is operated by Vistra Energy, a subsidiary of Luminant. It began operations in 2009.


Plans for Oak Grove began in the 1970s as Texas Power & Light (a forerunner of Luminant) and Alcoa made an agreement to jointly operate a power plant named Twin Oak Steam Electric Station in Robertson County. The plan was to construct two, 750 MW units to burn lignite and be ready for commercial generation by 1981. The electricity generated would run to Alcoa's aluminium smelting facility in Palestine, Texas.[1] Twin Oaks Reservoir was developed by impounding Duck Creek in 1982 to act as a cooling source for the plant.[2] In 1983, Alcoa attempted to sell its stake in Twin Oak to Halliburton who was seeking electricity to offer to the owners of the troubled South Texas Nuclear Generating Station.[3] Ultimately, Alcoa sold its stake back to Texas Utilities in 1984. As electricity demand in Texas stagnated, construction on Twin Oak continued to be deferred until the air permit was withdrawn in 1994.[4]

The plant was renamed from Twin Oak to Oak Grove when construction restarted in 2007 by Luminant.[4][5] Construction resumed in order to meet future electricity demand and following the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) granting Luminant a new air permit for Oak Grove.[6] The plant was reconfigured and redesigned to meet current emissions requirements. This included the addition of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) systems to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions and activated carbon which prevents mercury from being released.[5] After Fluor completed the necessary construction work, Unit 1 came online in December 2009 and Unit 2 came online in June 2010.[7][8] Oak Grove utilizes lignite exacted from the nearby Kosse Mine.[4]

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