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Coordinates: 59°22′38″N 5°18′27″E / 59.37722°N 5.30750°E / 59.37722; 5.30750

Oasen Storsenter is a shopping centre on Norheim in Karmøy, Norway. In 2014 it had a turnover of 688 million Norwegian kroner. It has 65 stores, on 33,000 m² of building space (18,500 m² of commercial space). In addition to this there are 28 services within health and well-being.


After Karmøy was founded as a result of merging several municipalities in 1965, a fairly large part of the new municipality was located on the mainland, and within a few years became the quickest growing part of Karmøy. Unlike the various villages on the island proper, the mainland lacked a centralized area for shops and businesses. Oasen Storsenter opened up as the first one in the region in 1977. During the first year the shopping centre only had 6000 m² available, but this was expanded to 10.000 m² in 1978, with further expansions in 1985, 1996, 2002 and 2014.

Oasen Storsenter was bought by Olav Thon in 1998 for 160 million kroner.[1]


Today the shopping centre spans three floors, with shops in the basement and first floor and a gym and various health services on the second floor.


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