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Obodo originates from the Igbo Language, meaning "City". Igbo Language is the Language of the Igbo people, One of the most popular and most Industrious tribes in the Eastern Nigeria. The word Obodo is very popular among the Igbo People of Nigeria and all over the News of Nigeria .The word "Obodo" has been used in Igbo people's names like Christian Obodo and in names of towns, places and communities like Obodo Owubinubi, Obodo Ukwu, Obodo Ahiara etc.

Obodo Ahiara is the oldest village in Ahiara city, in Imo State, Nigeria. It comprises eight hamlets, namely:

'Obodo Ahiara' community, one of the ancient communities in eastern Nigeria is made of eight Kindred, namely:-Ahiarama, Umuehi,Umuakali,Umuokoro,Umuakwali,umuobilugwu and Umuotunwanyi. The late Eze Davidson Nwannennaya Okoroanyanwu was the [Eze] of Obodo, from Umuakwali kindred.He was the second son of Late Eze David Onyeahialam Okoroanyanwu, the first Eze of Obodo Ahiara. A wealthy Civil Engineering Contractor and proprietor of Dave Concrete and Construction Ltd. Port-Harcourt. (DOKAS INDUSTRIES LTD). Some of the landmarks in obodo Ahaiara includes:- The Customary court,Orie Ahaiara Market, Obodoa Ahiara Post Office, Two primary schools and the cummunity secondary school Obodo Ahiara,All Saints Catholic Church, St Vincent De Paul Naursery and primary school,catholic school for the disabled.

Obodo Ahiara community is endowed with highly educated and sons and daughters who have distinguished themselves in different spheres of life.

Obodo Tv Is a TV Channel devoted to events and shows in the Igbo cities and communities.