Oceana (nightclub)

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Genre Nightlife
Headquarters Rooksley, Milton Keynes
Parent Luminar Leisure
Website www.oceanaclubs.com

Oceana also known as The Ocean is a chain of nightclubs in the United Kingdom owned and managed by Deltic Group. There is now only one remaining nightclub, in Southampton.[1] There were also venues in Plymouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Kingston, Watford, Leeds and Nottingham however these have been converted to Pryzm nightclubs, another Deltic chain.[2][3] There were also venues in Milton Keynes and Swansea, however they have since closed.[4][5] The Swansea branch closed its doors for the last time in the early hours of 31 May 2014.


Oceana nightclubs are multi-room venues with each room themed on cities from around the world, with each having a different music style. These include an Aspen Ski Lodge, a Venetian Ballroom, A Parisian Boudoir, New York Disco, Wakyama Tokyo Stock Exchange, Monte Carlo casino, Villa Tahiti, Russia Bar, Milan Bar, Barcelona and a Reykjavik Ice house. They also offer VIP suites. Oceana Birmingham became the first Oceana venue to be put up for sale in 2010, due to Luminar's (now Deltic) continued losses.

Milton Keynes was the first Oceana nightclub to be built in the new Xscape building before a chain of them was rolled out across the rest of the UK.


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