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The Octalysis Framework is a human-focused gamification design framework that lays out the eight core drives for humans motivation developed by Yu-Kai Chou.[1]

The framework lays out the structure for analyzing the driving forces behind human motivation. It is the process of applying the core behavior drives that motivate a user to complete a task efficiently through an interactive experience.[2] The Octalysis framework is used in healthcare, fitness, education, training, company, and product design to increase user engagement, ROI and motivation.[3][4][5]

What makes Facebook so addictive?[6]

mHealth has developed applications based on the Octalysis framework to assist people in self-care management and self-stress management. They are using framework to map how top rated stress management apps address the right brain drives and to provide motivation to increase adherence.[5]

Other global companies that have used or been inspired by the Octalysis Framework include IDEO, Google,[7] LEGO, Volkswagen, and Huawei.

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