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FateAcquired on August 14, 2015
FoundersAndres Morey, Sam Wurzel, Harish Agarwal

Octopart.com is a search engine for electronic and industrial parts headquartered in New York, NY. It aggregates parts from distributors and manufacturers online, making them easy to search for and purchase.[1] It is free for users, and as of August 2014, over 700,000 unique visitors search the database of 30 million electronic components per month.[2] Octopart's mission is "to open up access to part data for design, sourcing, and manufacturing".[2]


Octopart was created by three physics grad-school dropouts, Andres Morey, Sam Wurzel, and Harish Agarwal, in 2007.[3] After coming up with the idea for the site and leaving graduate school, Morey and Wurzel worked with Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston's Y Combinator.[4] The company has been profitable since 2010.[2] Octopart currently works with some of the largest distributors in the industry.[5]

In August 2015 Octopart announced that they had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Altium Limited, but will operate independently from their New York City headquarters.[6]


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