Odin (EP)

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Loudness odin ep.jpg
EP by Loudness
Released 1985 in Japan.
Recorded Sedic Studio, Nippon Columbia Studio, Sound Inn Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Genre Heavy metal
Length 16:22
Label Nippon Columbia
Producer Loudness
Loudness chronology
Odin EP
Thunder in the East
Odin soundtrack cover

Odin is an EP by Japanese band Loudness. It was released in 1985 only in Japan in two versions, with and without the instrumental tracks.[1] All the tracks were used for the soundtrack of the Japanese anime movie Odin: Photon Sailer Starlight.

Track listing[edit]

All music by Akira Takasaki, lyrics by Minoru Niihara

  1. "Gotta Fight" - 3:45
  2. "Eruption" (instrumental) - 3:14
  3. "Odin" - 5:17
  4. "Flash Out" (instrumental) - 4:07


Additional musicians
  • Masanori Sasaji - keyboards
  • Masahiro Miyasawa - engineer


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