Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory

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Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory
Oh Grave Where Is Thy Victory.jpg
Studio album by Here I Come Falling
Released January 8, 2008
Genre Metalcore , Post-hardcore , screamo , Christian metal
Length 30:49
Label Rise
Producer Kris Crummett

Oh Grave, Where Is Thy Victory is the debut and only album by post-hardcore band Here I Come Falling. The album was released through Rise Records and charted at number 46 on the Top Billboard Christian Albums.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Put the City to the Sword - 3:58
  2. A Ghost Town for a Graveyard - 3:08
  3. The Sea Gave Up the Dead - 2:40
  4. Bad Company Ruins Good Manners - 3:03
  5. A Pale Horse and Its Rider - 2:51
  6. The Birds In the Sky, the Fish In the Sea - 1:29
  7. There's a Lion on the Loose - 4:07
  8. Like Sheep Among Wolves - 3:25
  9. And So We'll Be With the Lord Forever - 2:39
  10. The Beast from the East - 3:29


Here I Come Falling