Oh My God (Ida Maria song)

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"Oh My God"
Single by Ida Maria
from the album Fortress Round My Heart[1]
Released October 1, 2007 (UK) Original Release
January 26, 2009 (UK) Re-Release
Format CD single, digital download
Recorded 2007
Songwriter(s) Ida Maria
Ida Maria singles chronology
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"Oh My God"
"Drive Away My Heart"
N/A "Oh My God"
"Drive Away My Heart"

"I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked"

"Oh My God"

"Oh My God" is the debut song by Norwegian rock musician Ida Maria. The song was originally released in October 2007 but was to be re-released in the UK following the success of her previous single, "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked". The re-release date was pushed back several times; however, it was eventually rescheduled for 26 January 2009.[2] In the song, the singer cries out unto God.

Chart performance[edit]

"Oh My God" did not chart upon its original release.

Year UK singles
2007 DNC
2009 85

The song has been used in promos for the CW show Gossip Girl,[3] and was featured in episode #386 of the radio version of This American Life entitled "Fine Print".[4] It followed a story on health insurance. The song was also featured in several movie trailers, including It's Kind of a Funny Story[5] and The Virginity Hit.[6]

"Oh My God" is one of the songs featured in the video game Rock Band 3.

Critical reception[edit]

Time critic Josh Tyrangiel named this the #3 song of 2008.[7]

The NME also rated it the 48th best song of 2008.[8]

Sasha Frere-Jones rated this the #2 song of 2008.[9]

Newsday named it as the best song of 2009.[10]

Iggy Pop Remix[edit]

In September 2009, a remix of the song was released with Iggy Pop as backing vocalist.


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