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State Highway 11 marker

State Highway 11
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length204.9 mi[1] (329.8 km)
Major junctions
West end US-281 north of Alva
East end I-244 / US-412 in Tulsa
Highway system
Oklahoma State Highway System

State Highway 11 (abbreviated SH-11) is a state highway in Oklahoma. It runs in an irregular west-to-east path 204.9 miles (329.8 km) across the northern part of the state, from U.S. Highway 281 (US-281) seven miles (11 km) north of Alva to Interstate 244 (I-244) / US-412 in Tulsa. There is one letter-suffixed spur highway branching from SH-11, SH-11A.

Route description[edit]

From its beginning at US-281, SH-11 travels east through the town of Capron. 9 miles (14 km) later, it reaches SH-8. SH-11 and SH-8 overlap for 7 miles (11 km), passing through the town of Burlington along the way. SH-8 / SH-11 meet SH-58 three miles (5 km) east of Burlington, and turn south, forming a three-route concurrency. The combined route passes through the unincorporated community of Driftwood and intersects US-64 just west of the town of Ingersoll. At this point, SH-11 turns to the east, leaving SH-8 and SH-58.

SH-11 passes through the northern part of Great Salt Plains State Park, and after 11 miles (18 km), intersects with SH-38. SH-11 continues on another seven miles (11 km), before intersecting with SH-132. Six miles to the east, SH-11's only spur route, SH-11A, branches off to the north, connecting to the town of Wakita. SH-11 travels another 11 miles (18 km) to the east, intersecting US-81 in Medford, the seat of Grant County. After leaving Medford, SH-11 runs another 10 miles (16 km) to the east, passing through Numa (unincorporated), before its junction with SH-74. From there, SH-11 heads east for 12 miles (19 km), passing through Deer Creek and running just to the north of Nardin (unincorporated), intersecting I-35 three miles (5 km) west of Blackwell.

SH-11 is four lanes divided for the three miles (5 km) to its junction with US-177 in Blackwell, then reverts to two lanes for the 12 miles (19 km) to its junction with US-77, six miles (10 km) south of Newkirk. Here, the route turns south, joining with US-77 for 3 miles (4.8 km), before turning back to the east 5 miles (8.0 km) north of Ponca City. After 12 miles (19 km), SH-11 passes through Kaw City, and crosses Kaw Lake, then runs another 13 miles (21 km) to SH-18, in Shidler.

SH-11 then joins with SH-18 for 9 miles (14 km), running south through the Osage County oil fields. Just east of Burbank, SH-11 leaves SH-18 for a 20 miles (32 km) concurrency with US-60 across the rolling Osage prairie to Pawhuska, the seat of Osage County. SH-11 then turns south on a five-mile (8 km) concurrency with SH-99, then turns back to the east, passing through more rugged terrain, through Pershing and Tallant (both unincorporated), before entering the oil town of Barnsdall 10 miles (16 km) later.

Just east of Barnsdall, SH-11 serves as the southern terminus of SH-123, which connects to Woolaroc Museum. SH-11 then heads roughly southeast, through Wolco (unincorporated), and skirts Avant, turning due south upon entering Tulsa County, before intersecting SH-20 on the east end of Skiatook.

After leaving Skiatook, SH-11 continues south as Cincinnati Avenue in Tulsa County, and 5 miles (8.0 km) later, doglegs a mile to the east at Sperry. SH-11 then resumes its path to the south as Peoria Avenue, passes through Turley (unincorporated), and enters the city of Tulsa at 56th Street North. SH-11 is a four-lane arterial street along Peoria Avenue, and at 36th Street North, turns to the east, going 1½ miles to US-75, the Cherokee Expressway. SH-11 briefly overlaps southbound US-75, then turns back to the east as the Gilcrease Expressway, passing by Tulsa International Airport before arcing back to the south. It then reaches its eastern terminus at I-244 / US-412 in east Tulsa.


Oklahoma State Highway 11A.svg

State Highway 11A is a short state highway in Grant County. It runs for 5 miles (8.0 km) from SH-11 north to the town of Wakita.

Junction list[edit]

Woods0.00.0 US-281Western terminus
Alfalfa9.014.5 SH-8Northern end of SH-8 concurrency
Driftwood15.925.6 SH-58Northern end of SH-58 concurrency
Ingersoll22.936.9 US-64 / SH-8 / SH-58Southern end of SH-8 / SH-58 concurrency
33.854.4 SH-38Northern terminus of SH-38
Grant40.865.7 SH-132
46.875.3 SH-11ASouthern terminus of SH-11A
Medford57.792.9 US-81
67.7109.0 SH-74Northern terminus of SH-74
KayBlackwell79.3127.6 I-35Interchange; I-35 exit 222
82.6132.9 US-177
Kildare94.5152.1 US-77Northern end of US-77 concurrency
97.5156.9 US-77Southern end of US-77 concurrency
OsageShidler120.4193.8 SH-18Northern end of SH-18 concurrency
129.1207.8 US-60 / SH-18Southern end of SH-18 concurrency, western end of US-60 concurrency
Pawhuska150.4242.0 US-60 / SH-99Eastern end of US-60 concurrency, southern end of SH-99 concurrency
155.7250.6 SH-99Northern end of SH-99 concurrency
Barnsdall166.4267.8 SH-123
No major junctions
TulsaSkiatook185.2298.1 SH-20
Tulsa198.9320.1 US-75Diamond interchange, northern end of US-75 concurrency
199.8321.5 US-75Stack interchange, southern end of US-75 concurrency
200.0321.9Harvard Avenue
200.9323.3Yale Avenue
201.9324.9Apache Street, Sheridan RoadSigned solely as Sheridan Road westbound
202.9326.5Virgin Street – Airport TerminalSigned solely as Airport Terminal eastbound
203.5327.5Memorial DriveSigned as Pine Street westbound
204.3328.8 I-244 west / US-412 west – DowntownI-244 exit 12B.
204.9329.8 SH-11 ends
I-244 / US-412 continue east towards Joplin
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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