Olaria Atlético Clube

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Full name Olaria Atlético Clube
Nickname(s) Olá
Azulão da Bariri
Founded July 1, 1915
Stadium Estádio da Rua Bariri,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Ground Capacity 11,000
President Edilberth Pellegrini Nahn
Estádio da Rua Bariri
Olaria Atlético Clube headquarters.
Team photo from the 2009 season

Olaria Atlético Clube, or Olaria as it is usually called, is a traditional Brazilian football team from Olaria neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro, in Rio de Janeiro state, founded on July 1, 1915. The club name means brick factory, and is also the name of the club's neighborhood.

Olaria is one of the small clubs from Rio de Janeiro that have managed to remain active in the shade of the four big ones (Flamengo, Vasco da Gama, Botafogo and Fluminense).


On July 1, 1915,[1] the club was founded as Japonês Futebol Clube (Japanese Football Club, in English). The club was later in that year renamed to Olaria Atlético Clube, by Calorino Martins Arantes, who was a club director, to attract more supporters.[2]

In 1974, Olaria competed in the Série A, finishing in the 28th position.[3]

In 1981, Olaria won the Série C, called Taça de Bronze (Bronze Cup). In the final, the club beat Santo Amaro of Pernambuco state.[4] In 1983, the club won the Campeonato Carioca Second Division, being promoted to the following year's first division.[5] In 1999, an enterprise called Sport News assumed the club's football section for a short time period.[1]

In 2000, Olaria was in the White Module (which was the equivalent of a third level) of that season's Série A, named Copa João Havelange. The club was eliminated in the first stage.[6] In 2003, the club competed again in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C. Olaria was eliminated in the third stage by fellow Rio de Janeiro state club Cabofriense.[7]



Home stadium is Estádio da Rua Bariri, which has a maximum capacity of 11,000 people. This stadium is often rented to the big clubs (notably Flamengo) when they are unable to play at the Maracanã or at the Engenhão.


The club's official anthem was composed by Lamartine Babo, who composed the anthems of the Rio de Janeiro big clubs.[8]


The club's mascot is an Indian.[8]

Other sports[edit]

Besides football, Olaria also has other sports sections, such as futsal, button football, football society, karate, judo, basketball and swimming.[9]


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