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Dovgiy Oles
Довгий Олесь
Довгий Олесь Станіславович VADIM CHUPRINA ©.JPG
People's Deputy of Ukraine
In office
27 November 2014 – Present
Personal details
BornNovember 1, 1980
Kiev, Ukraine
Political partyIndependent
MotherDovga Larisa
FatherDovgiy Stanislav
AwardsOrder of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called, 1st class (September 2008). Order of Merit, 3rd class (Decree of the President of Ukraine of May 28, 2009).

Oles Dovgiy (born November 1, 1980, Kiev,[1] Ukrainian SSR, USSR) is a Ukrainian politician, the Kiev City Council secretary (2006-2011), deputy of the Kiev City Council (since 2006). He is also a member of the 8th convocation of the Verkhovna Rada (the parliament of Ukraine), unaffiliated with any faction; a member of the Economic Policy Committee of the Verkhovna Rada.[2] He is also the co-chairman of the Verkhovna Rada's deputy group for inter-parliamentary relations with the Republic of Austria, and a member of the Verkhovna Rada's deputy group for inter-parliamentary relations with Montenegro. His parliamentary immunity was lifted by the Ukrainian parliament on 11 July 2017 because of suspicions of fraud with land.[3][4]


Dovgiy was born into a family of scientists. His father, Stanislav Dovgiy, is a Ukrainian scientist and politician, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor, Corresponding Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. His mother, Larisa Dovga, is a senior research associate at the Institute of Philosophy, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences.[5] Dovgiy is a grandson of the poet Oleksiy Dovgiy.


1997 — graduated with Honors from the regular school #58 in Kiev.

Under the international student exchange program, studied at the Bournemouth Tutorial College (United Kingdom).

2001 — graduated with Honors from the National Aviation University[6] with a degree in manufacturing marketing.

2002 — graduated from the Kiev National Economic University with a degree in international economics.

2015 — graduated from the National University “Odessa Law Academy”[7] with a degree in law.

Took a language course at Anglo European School of English and the INSEAD leadership course at The Business School for the World.[8]

Holds a Ph.D. in Economics.


Oles Dovgiy started working in 1997 as a legal assistant at the Ukrainian Association of Young Lawyers. He was a deputy secretary, a secretary of Kiev division thereof.

From November 2001 till June 2003 he had been working at the State University of Information and Communication Technologies holding the positions of research associate, senior research associate of the scientific and analytical center, performed the duties of the assistant professor at the chair of economics. From July 2003 till October 2004 he occupied the position of the Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Young Lawyers.

In 2004 - 2005 – senior research associate of the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space (ITGIS).

From December 2005 till April 2006 – Chief Development Officer of the International Public Organization “International Center for Policy Studies”.

Along with the aforesaid, before his political career started, Oles Dovgiy had taken part in a range of business projects, including as a private entrepreneur, i.e. he was a partner in the publishing company's project for release of a series of children's books. He took part in creation of one of the pioneering Ukrainian Internet Service Providers, as well as the first company in the Ukrainian market to begin advertising sale in cinemas. He was active in establishing a legal firm specializing in the copyright protection of Ukrainian artists and musicians, as well as Ukrainian DVD Company making the licensed products only.

Oles Dovgiy is a partner in the business that belongs to his senior family members. He started his career there as an outside consultant. The IT and electronics projects were implemented. Among other things, the Dovgiy's family business organized manufacturing of computers and notebooks, launched the licensed production of Sanyo and Philips TV-sets.

Historically, the Dovgiy's family business lines are connected with development, real estate, private medicine, food products and selling of the premium electrical technologies. The group is a partner to a network of health clinics called Dobrobut; it also owns the private clinic Dostomed and a network of specialty shops selling the Bang & Olufsen premium electronics in Ukraine. Besides, the business group is specialized in wine import. The group also established the Chumatskiy Shlyakh food supermarket chain, which they later sold in 2015 to a leading market player, the Velyka Kyshenya supermarket chain.

By results of the Kiev Council elections 2006 Oles Dovgiy was elected a deputy thereof. On April 28, 2006 he was elected a Deputy Head of the Kiev City Council, i.e. a secretary thereof. Again he became a deputy by results of the pre-term Kiev Council elections 2008. He was elected a people's deputy after the parliamentary elections 2014 to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In accordance with the declarations available in the public sources, before the start of work in the Kiev City Council in 2006, he declared to the tax authorities 20 million UAH which is about US$4 million according to the exchange rate of that period. All his revenues have been officially declared since he joined the labour market until present time; all the taxes were paid according to the Ukrainian Laws. Oles Dovgiy reiterated the investment of capital and assets into the country to be the principal business position.

His parliamentary immunity was lifted by the Ukrainian parliament on 11 July 2017 because of suspicions of fraud with land.[9][10]

In the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election Dovgiy was reelected as an independent candidate in single-seat constituency 102 (Kirovohrad Oblast).[11]

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In April 2011, he and his wife established the Oles Dovgiy and Katerina Gorina Foundation,[12] with their mission claimed to be the support of children, young people and parents. The Foundation's activity is carried out in three directions: sports and healthy living, educational programs and social projects. Over the first six months of its existence, the Foundation has provided educational support and counselling to around 5,000 people. Dovgiy also supports gifted young people.


Order of St. Andrew the Apostle the First-Called, 1st class (September 2008).

Order of Merit, 3rd class (Decree of the President of Ukraine of May 28, 2009).


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