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Michel Olivier Martelly
Birth nameMichel-Olivier Martelly
Years active2006–

Michel-Olivier Martelly (French pronunciation: ​[miʃɛl-ɔlivje maʁteli]), better known as Olivier Martelly, is a Haitian American singer. He has a stage name, BigO.

Early life[edit]

Olivier Martelly was born in Miami. His father, Michel Martelly was the 41st President of Haiti, and his mother, Sophia Saint-Rémy Martelly, was First Lady.[1]


Martelly's discographies are hard to find, and as public data about him is extremely limited, his career is relatively unknown. In Haiti's 2015 presidential election, he published a song endorsing government-backed candidate Jovenel Moise[2] in response to Wyclef Jean's endorsement of Jude Célestin.[3] Martelly is the CEO of Big O Productions, which features Haitian artists.[4]


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