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The name Olympia may refer to:


Buildings and landmarks[edit]


Ships and aircraft[edit]

  • USS Olympia, referring to two ships named after the city of Olympia, Washington, U.S.
  • HMS Olympia, referring to ships of the Royal Navy
  • M/V Olympia (later Pride of Bilbao), a ferry operated by Viking Line between 1986 and 1993
  • Olympia, later MS Regal Empress, an ocean liner
  • DFS Olympia Meise, a glider built in numbers in the 1930s in Germany
  • The Olympia, a glider built in numbers in the 1940s in the United Kingdom



Businesses, companies and products[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Olympia, a junior synonym of the plant genus Hypericum (St. John's-worts)
  • 582 Olympia, a minor planet orbiting the sun
  • Olympia Academy or "Akademie Olympia", a semi-formal group of friends that included Albert Einstein
  • Olympia oyster, a Pacific coast oyster
  • Euchloe olympia, a North American butterfly commonly called the Olympia Marble

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