Omar Khyam

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Omar Khyam
Born 1982 (age 34–35)
Arrested UK security official
Citizenship United Kingdom
Detained at HMP Fullsutton
Alleged to be a member of al-Muhajiroun

Omar Khyam is a citizen of the United Kingdom, who led a terrorist plot.[1][2][3][4] He was trained in bomb-making at the Malakand training camp in Pakistan in 2001 or 2002. He was the ringleader of a plot to explode a fertilizer bomb in London.


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  2. ^ Dominic Casciani (2007-06-14). "Jihadi diary: Inside the mind". BBC News. Retrieved 2010-08-03. Two of the men who trained with Zeeshan are better known. Mohammad Sidique Khan was the ringleader of the 2005 7 July suicide bombers. The second was Omar Khyam, the now jailed head of a plot to detonate a massive fertiliser bomb in England. 
  3. ^ Richard Brennan (2008-06-24). "Khawaja excited by guns and rockets, court hears". Toronto Star. Retrieved 2010-08-03. Khawaja went to the camp with Omar Khyam, a ringleader in the failed London bombing plot, for which Khawaja is an accused participant. 
  4. ^ "The five found guilty yesterday". The Guardian. 2007-05-01. Retrieved 2010-08-03. Omar Khyam, 25, from Crawley, was drawn to radical Islam in his teens.