Omo Kibish Formation

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Omo Kibish Formation rocks near the town of Kibish, where the human fossils were discovered

The Omo Kibish Formation or simply Kibish Formation is an East African rock formation. It is named after the archaeological site of Omo Kibish on the Omo River in Ethiopia, where it was first studied.

It and its neighboring sites have produced some of the earliest examples of fossilised human and australopithecine remains and stone tools. Richard Leakey's work there in 1967 found some of the oldest remains of primitive Homo sapiens. Earlier believed to be around 125,000 years old, more recent research indicates they may in fact date to c.195,000 years ago.[1]

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Coordinates: 4°48′1.27″N 35°58′1.45″E / 4.8003528°N 35.9670694°E / 4.8003528; 35.9670694