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Ona or ONA may refer to:


  • Anna, Grand Duchess of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Ona Vytautienė) (1392–1418) and the first wife of Vytautas
  • Ona people, name given in South America to the aboriginal Selk'nam
    • Ona language, once spoken in Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, probably extinct
  • Ona (Blake), daughter of Urizen in William Blake's mythology
  • Francis Ona (around 1953–2005), Papua New Guinea, Bougainville secessionist
  • Ona, angel in Enochian magic
  • Ona Grauer, Mexican-Canadian actress who has appeared in Stargate SG1, Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate Universe
  • Ona Juknevičienė, Lithuanian politician
  • Ona Narbutienė, a Lithuanian musicologist and educator
  • Ona Šimaitė, a Lithuanian librarian at Vilnius University, used her position to aid and rescue Jews in the Vilna Ghetto
  • Ona Munson, an American actress perhaps best known for her portrayal of prostitute Belle Watling in Gone with the Wind
  • Ona Zee, an American pornographic actress and model

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