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The One AM Radio
Origin Massachusetts, United States
Genres Electronica, ambient, indie
Years active 1999–present
Labels Dangerbird, Level Plane, Translucence

The One AM Radio is a band consisting of Hrishikesh Hirway, a composer and songwriter from Los Angeles. The One AM Radio's sound is often characterized by Hirway's lush vocals over dream-like instrumental arrangements. He does most of his own recording, playing several of the instruments and producing all the beats; the style borders electronica, folk, post-rock, chamber music, and ambient music.

Born in Massachusetts, Hirway began The One AM Radio while a student at Yale University, where he studied art and film.

Songs by The One AM Radio have appeared in the television shows Chuck,[1] Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, in ads for Pontiac and Rdio, and the films Save the Date and The End of Love. The One AM Radio's second album, A Name Writ In Water, was named by Time Out New York as one of the top 10 albums of 2004.



  • Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread (2011), Dangerbird Records
  • This Too Will Pass (2007), Dangerbird Records
  • A Name Writ In Water (2004), Level Plane Records
  • The Hum of the Electric Air! (2002), CD released by Translucence and Alone Records, LP released by The Electric Human Project


  • Now, Now - Thread (The One AM Radio Remix) (2013)
  • Sea Wolf - "Old Friend (The One AM Radio Remix featuring Abigail Spencer) (2013)
  • Poliça - "Wandering Star" (The One AM Radio Remix) (2012)
  • Giraffage feat. XXYYXX - "Even Though (The One AM Radio Remix)" (2012)
  • Dntel - "Rock My Boat (The One AM Radio Version)" (2011)
  • Baths - "Hall (The One AM Radio Remix feat. The Los Feliz Ladies Choir)" (2010)
  • James Figurine - "Apologies (The One AM Radio Remix)" (2009)
  • Lymbyc Systym - "Astrology Days (Remix by The One AM Radio)" (2008)
  • Silversun Pickups - "Little Lover's So Polite (The One AM Radio Remix)" (2007)

Guest Appearances[edit]

  • alias - "The Weathering", on Resurgam (2008)
  • Caural - "Cold Hands", on Mirrors For Eyes (2006)
  • Daedelus - "Thanatopsis", on Exquisite Corpse (2005)


  • On the Shore of the Wide World (2005), Level Plane
  • An Assembly (2003), Translucence
  • A Cloud's Fear of Kites : A Kite's Fear of Heights (2000), Garbage Czar


  • "Accidents & Good Intentions" (2012)
  • Credible Threats (2010)
  • I Think This Is My Exit (2002), Troubleman Unlimited


  • Night Falls split CD/12" with The Wind-Up Bird, CD released 2002 on Alone Records; 12" released 2006 on Paramnesia
  • split CD with Tracy Shedd (2002), Translucence and Alone Records
  • split 7" with Jeromes Dream (2001), Garbage Czar
  • split 7"/CD with Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, 7" released 1999 on Garbage Czar Records; CD single released 2003 on Translucence

Compilation Appearances[edit]

  • "Old Men" on Give Listen Help, Volume 5 (2008), Urban Outfitters/Filter Magazine
  • "You Can Still Run" on 80 Records And We're Still Not Broke (Yet) (2005), Level Plane
  • "Shortest Day of the Year" on Tea at the Palaz of Hoon (1998), Cosmodemonic Telegraph



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