One Sock Missing

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One Sock Missing
Grifters One Sock Missing.JPG
Studio album by Grifters
Released 1993
Recorded 1992, The Flower Shop & Easley McCain Recording, Memphis, Tennessee
Genre Indie Rock
Length 44:59 (CD)
Label Shangri-La Records
Shangri-La 004
Producer The Grifters & Shangri-La Records
Grifters chronology
So Happy Together
(1992)So Happy Together1992
One Song Missing
Crappin' You Negative
(1994)Crappin' You Negative1994
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

One Sock Missing is the second album from the Grifters released in 1993 on Shangri-La Records. "Certainly the most low-key (if not lo-fi) of the Grifters' early records, 1993's One Sock Missing is less noisy and aggressive than its immediate predecessor, So Happy Together [1]" One Sock Missing signals the direction and sound the band would work on throughout their career [2].

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bummer" - 2:53 (vocals Shouse)
  2. "She Blows Blasts of Static" - 4:04 (vocals Shouse)
  3. "Shark" - 4:16 (vocals Taylor)
  4. "Teenage Jesus" - 3:02 (vocals Lamkins)
  5. "'Side" - 2:50 (vocals Taylor)
  6. "#1" - 1:16 (vocals Shouse)
  7. "Tupelo Moan" - 5:06 (vocals Shouse)
  8. "Wonder" - 1:20 (vocals Taylor)
  9. "Corolla Hoist" - 4:02 (vocals Shouse)
  10. "Encrusted" - 2:19 (vocals Shouse)
  11. "The Casual Years" - 3:19 (vocals Shouse)
  12. "Sain" - 2:28 (vocals Taylor)
  13. "Just Passing Out" - 3:21 (vocals Shouse)
  14. "I Arise" - 4:35 (vocals Taylor)

Album credits[edit]


credited as

  • Stank Gallimore
  • Tripp Lampshade
  • Diamond Dave Shouse
  • Slim Taylor

Additional musicians[edit]

Greg Easterly (Compulsive Gamblers) - Violins and Bass on Wonder

Skronkadelic Orchestra Unlimited on I Arise

sitting in

Additional credits[edit]

  • Largely recorded at the Flower Shop by Roy Berry
  • Additional recording and mixing at Easley Studios by Doug Easley & Davis McCain
  • Album and disc art by Roy Berry
  • Cover drawing by Tripp Lamkins
  • Cover design by Paul W. Ringger XXIV
  • Paintings of the Grifters as a young band by Kelly
  • Cover production by Towery Publishing

Album Trivia[edit]

  • "I Arise" is carries the annotation "(Bonus Track)" on the sleeve, but on the CD itself it listed as the "(boGus TrAck)"