Onji Station

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Onji Station

Kintetsu Onji station 01.jpg
Location1-103, Onji-nakamachi, Yao, Osaka
Coordinates34°36′36″N 135°37′34″E / 34.6099°N 135.6261°E / 34.6099; 135.6261Coordinates: 34°36′36″N 135°37′34″E / 34.6099°N 135.6261°E / 34.6099; 135.6261
Operated byKintetsu Railway
Line(s)Osaka Line
  • Bus stop
20154,671 daily

Onji Station (恩智駅, Onji-eki) is a railway station in Yao, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.



Onji area is a small area just outside the center of Yao city. Although part of Yao, Onji still retains a small almost village like atmosphere. Along with the regular large chain grocery stores, you can find Fish, Chicken, Pork, Yaki-niku, Flower, Make up, Fruit and Vegetables, Eikaiwa and a few other, family owned shops.

About 30 minutes to the Osaka city downtown center (changing trains at Takayasu).

The river road between Onji and Takayasu station is lined with Cherry trees and so absolutely beautiful in the Spring, it's worth getting off the train and walking the 15 minutes.


The station has two side platforms on the ground, serving one track each.

The ticket gate is only one place. The length of the platform is 6 cars (120 meter)

1  Osaka Line for Kawachi-Kokubu and Yamato-Yagi
2  Osaka Line for Fuse, and Osaka Uehommachi

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Osaka Line
Takayasu   Local   Hōzenji
Takayasu   Suburban Semi-Express   Hōzenji
Semi-Express: Does not stop at this station
Express: Does not stop at this station
Rapid Express: Does not stop at this station