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EditorChuck Ansbacher
PublisherDarren Atwater
Year founded2004
First issueOctober 8, 2004 (2004-10-08)
Final issueFebruary 2007 (2007-02)
Based inVancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Only is a free Canadian bi-monthly news and entertainment magazine published in Vancouver, British Columbia by the Only Trust - who also organize Vancouver's Music Waste Festival and Victory Square Block Party. The paper has a circulation of 10,000 in the Vancouver area. Its first issue ran on October 8, 2004.

Only Magazine was founded just days before its inaugural issue after the publisher-editor Darren Atwater was fired from the Vancouver weekly Terminal City that he had started over a decade before. In solidarity, many of the Terminal City staff walked out and formed Only Magazine. In an editorial about the takeover that appeared in issue 1, the Only staff writes:

We had a dream of a weekly newspaper that covered the real artists and musicians in Vancouver, that made the mainstream newspapers wince every week, and maybe, just maybe, made life free from soulless consumerism a little more realistic for everyone.

Only Magazine focuses heavily on covering the fringes of Vancouver's creative communities, but often runs interviews with touring bands such as Deerhoof, Wolf Eyes, Black Dice, and Erase Errata. Most articles are written with a sense of irreverence and poignant satire that is often criticized as overly critical which has caused a number of controversies in the magazine's short life.[according to whom?]

In February 2007, after 60 issues the print magazine was put on hiatus for restructuring. The magazine continues all of its editorial online at

In March 2007, Only Magazine launched its first all-Vancouver music podcast and a widget to count down the days until the supposed 2010 Olympic riot.

The magazine's cover is often done by Vancouver artists and students from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.


Random Interview
A streeter interview with anyone by Chuck Ansbacher
Mental Health
Pop Culture/Social Analysis Editorial by Amil Niazi
Editorial covering civic and local issues by Sean Condon
Credit Check
Short comments on civic politics and changes to the city by the Only
Interesting developments in the world of science by Alan Hindle (who had previously been writing Theatre)
Interviews and articles on local and touring rap artists by Rhek
Film/Film School
Interviews and articles on Canadian and international films by Adam O. Thomas
Interviews and reviews of local and touring bands by the music editor and contributors
Killer Deadly
A local music roundup of live reviews and upcoming events. Often updates on new venues and those recently defunct by the music editor and contributors
Art/Art Fag
Interviews with emerging artists and articles on happenings in the local art community by contributing art writers
Dozen Things
Five photos and seven listings with write ups of upcoming events by the Only
Last Stand
An editorial of varied local and national issues ranging from endings of local hotspots to beginnings of foreign wars by the Only.
  • Maakies by Tony Millionaire
  • Bad, Mad Bad by Liane Morrissette
  • Total Jeopardy by Mark Delong
  • Overheard by Finnigan Muddville (no longer running)

Contributors (past and present)[edit]

Darren Atwater (October '04 - present)
  • Amil Niazi (October '04 - May '06)
  • Sarah Cordingley (May '06 - May '07)
  • Chuck Ansbacher (May '07 - May '08)
Arts Editor
Alan Hindle (October '04 - present)
Film Editor
Adam O. Thomas (October '04 - present)
Managing Editor
  • Chuck Ansbacher (September '06 - May '07)
  • Adam O. Thomas (May '07 - present)
Copy Editor
Mayana C. Slobodian (March '06 - July '07)
Rap Editor
Rhek (October '04 - present)
Music Editor
  • John Cow (October '04 - January '05)
  • Sarah Cordingley (January '05 - May '06)
  • Cameron Reed (September '06 - present)
Food and Drink Editor
David Look (October '06 - May '08)
  • Naomi MacDougall
  • Tome Jozic
Web Production
  • Darren Atwater
  • David Look
Sarah Albertson, Chris-a-riffic, Curtis Grahauer, Sean Condon, Sean Arden, Kayla Guthrie, Asher Penn, Kevin Spenst, Phil Oats, David Look, Brynna Childs, Martin Thacker, Ben Lai, Charles Demers and photographs by Dan Siney.

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