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Oona is a feminine given name. It is an Anglicisation of the Irish-language name Úna. Apart from Ireland, it is also a popular name in Finland.[1] A variant spelling of Oona is Oonagh.

People with the name[edit]



Fictional people with the name[edit]

  • Princess Oona, a character in Disney's Donald Duck comics
  • Oonagh Mullarkey, from the Marvel universe
  • Princess Oona, a character in Disney's Sofia the First cartoon
  • Oona, the protagonist of the Irish TV series Puffin Rock
  • Oona from Nick Jr.'s animated TV series Bubble Guppies
  • Oona, Queen of the Fae, from the Shadowmoor block of collectible card game Magic: The Gathering
  • Oona, a character in the movie Timer
  • Oona (Oonagh), the pixie in the movie Legend
  • Oona, wife of Fionn mac Cumhaill and queen of the fairies in the mythology of Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man
  • Fairy Queen in Irish folklore
  • Oona, a character from The Croods 2
  • Two characters in Michael Moorcock's fantasy novels, Oona von Bek, the daughter of Elric of Melnibone and Oonagh von Bek, Elric's granddaughter

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