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Not to be confused with OpenAir software.

OpenAIR is a message routing and communication protocol for artificial intelligence systems that has been gaining in popularity in recent years (2006)[citation needed]. The protocol is managed by Mindmakers, and is described on their site in the following manner:

"OpenAIR is a routing and communication protocol based on a publish-subscribe architecture. It is intended to be the "glue" that allows numerous A.I. researchers to share code more effectively — "AIR to share". It is a definition or a blueprint of the "post office and mail delivery system" for distributed, multi-module systems. OpenAIR provides a core foundation upon which subsequent markup languages and semantics can be based, for e.g. gesture recognition and generation, computer vision, hardware-software interfacing etc.; for a recent example see CVML."[1]

OpenAIR was created to allow software components that serve their own purpose to communicate with each other in order to produce large scale, overall behavior of an intelligent system. A simple example would be to have a speech recognition system, and a speech synthesizer communicate with an expert system through OpenAIR messages, to create a system that can hear and answer various questions through spoken dialogue.

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