Operation Red Jericho

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Operation Red Jericho
Author [Joshua Mowll]
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series The Guild of Specialists
Genre Young adult novel
Publisher Walker Books
Publication date
9 August 2005
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 266
ISBN 1-84428-625-8
OCLC 60838315
Followed by Operation Typhoon Shore

Operation Red Jericho (September 5, 2005) is the first novel in The Guild of Specialists trilogy by Joshua Mowll.

Plot summary[edit]

In 1922, the heroes of the story Rebecca and Doug McKenzie, leave Shanghai aboard their uncle's ship Expedient, intent on discovering the whereabouts of their missing parents who have disappeared while on a secret mission to the deserts of Western China. Faced with terrifying bloodthirsty pirates, submarines and deadly torpedoes, their task quickly becomes a dangerous struggle to survive. Rebecca and Doug discover the answers they seek lie in a tangle of mysterious age-old societies guarding ancient secrets, and particularly a strange and dangerous substance, known as Daughter Of The Sun, which lies at the heart of the mystery.


On publication Operation Red Jericho won the prestigious Poppy Red Award for Innovation in Children's Books at the British Book Trade Awards, (2006).

The book was well received, with Operation Red Jericho being the Sunday Times Children's Book of the Week during September 2005.


“This is not just an adventure story; it is a designer object...” Sunday Times, London 25.09.05

“Mowll's genius, though, is in his clever mixing of old and new storytelling devices, and a clear and intelligent voice that should appeal to both girls and boys...” South China Morning Post, Hong Kong 28/08

Other books in the trilogy[edit]

Book 2: Operation Typhoon Shore

Book 3: Operation Storm City

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ISBN 1-84428-625-8