Operation Blockbuster

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Operation Blockbuster
Part of Western Front, World War II
Veritable grenade.png
Operation Blockbuster (yellow)
Date 26 February to 3 March 1945
Location Lower Rhine region Germany
Result Allied victory
 United Kingdom
Commanders and leaders
Canada Harry Crerar
United Kingdom Brian Horrocks
Germany Alfred Schlemm

Operation Blockbuster was the completion of the larger Operation Veritable by the Canadian 1st Army, reinforced by the British XXX Corps. It took place in late February and early March, 1945. Veritable had been slower and more costly than expected and the Canadian commander, Harry Crerar, had decided on a fresh start for the operation.

Three Anglo-Canadian divisions advanced north-westwards, capturing unprepared German positions in the Hochwald forested ridge, before advancing on Xanten. They linked up with the US Ninth Army at Berendonk, near Geldern on 3 March.

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