Oppressed Logic

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Oppressed Logic
Origin Oakland, California, USA
Genres Hardcore punk
Years active 1994-present
Labels Beer City, Burnt Ramen, Ransom Note
Associated acts Retching Red, Angry Samoans, Strung Up, Guantanamo Dogpile, Creepy
Website http://www.myspace.com/oppressedlogic
Members Mike "Cyco Loco" Avilez

Oppressed Logic are a punk band from Oakland, California who formed in 1994.[1] The first album the band appeared on was a compilation called Pigs Suck, which was released in 1995 by Clean Plate Records.[2] Then late 1995, the band released a split album with Toronto's Armed and Hammered.[3] They were signed to Beer City in 1995 and released their first 7", P.C. Full of Shit, in 1996, this release created a lot of controversy in this era leading up to the 1st full length LP on Beer City titled "Ain't A Damn Thing Changed!". It was no holds barred punk rock in your face fuck you attitude, completing 2 full 6 week U.S tours in 1997 & 1998! Fang reformed in 1997 and teamed up for a split 7" in 1998 on Beer City Records titled "Skinheads Smoke Dope with a Cheap Beer Hangover!"

December 1998 members Jake Martinez, Ruben Luna and Chuck Beers left the band and Mike continued with a new powerful line up record in 1999 titled "It's Harassment" The CD release came out on Industrial Strength Records and LP on Beer City! 1999 line up included Adrienne Avilez on bass, Todd Dammit on guitar and Egore on drums. Oppressed Logic completed a 3 week Northwest Tour into Canada and a 2 week Southwest Tour though Texas in 2000 and then a 4 week European tour followed by a California tour in 2001 with Special Duties and Violent Society supporting this release.. Oppressed Logic went through a few drummers in this period ending with Gabe Skull from Lowlife for the 3rd full length 2002 release that eventually came out in 2004 on Blazing Guns Records titled "One's That Control. Also in 2002 Burnt Ramen Records put out Oppressed Logic discography "The Past Aint Gonna Change" CD. This release featured the "PC Full of Shit 7", "Aint A Damn Thing Changed" and the Fang split session along with unreleased studio and live tracks.

Oppressed Logic has gone through many line-up changes from 2003 and throughout the years with Mike "Cyco Loco" Avilez as the only original member, mostly playing shows locally. In 2004, the band toured with Fang.[4][5] In 2006 Oppressed Logic played selected shows in Europe and USA during Retching Red tour. 2008 Oppressed Logic had a short term stay in Raleigh, North Carolina, then back to Oakland to reform with original and past members Jake Martinez (Blown to Bits, Exit Wound), Chuck Beers (Retox) and Ruben Luna (Exit Wound). That only lasted 2 shows. Jake has stayed with the band since then. From the beginning in 1994 it was always Mike & Jake keeping it going.

Mike Avilez still continues with Oppressed Logic and was also in Last Round Up, Retching Red,[6][7] Angry Samoans, Strung Up, Hot Plate, Fukm, Guantanamo Dogpile, Zero Bull Shit, Luicidal, Fang, and a few others..... FWYH!!! (Fuck What You Heard!!)

Current members[edit]

  • Mike Avilez (vocals)
  • Jim Redens (Drums)
  • Jake Martinez (Guitar) (Bass)
  • Mike Fuentes (Guitar)
  • Obadiah Bowling (Guitar)

Past members[edit]

  • Wade Brown (Bass)
  • Chuck Beers (Drums)
  • Todd Dammit (Guitar)
  • Adrienne Avilez (Bass)
  • Eric Davis (Drums)
  • Gabe Van Dyke (Drums)
  • James Wysynski (guitar)
  • Adam Grant (drums)
  • Whore-Hey (guitar)
  • Brian Schopflin (bass/guitar)
  • Foffle (bass)
  • Mikey Porter (guitar)
  • Chumley Porter (Bass)


1995- PIGS SUCK! 2 x 7" comp (Clean Plate Records)

1995- Split 7" w/ ARMED & HAMMERED (Ransom Note Records)

1995- LIVING IN FEAR CD comp. (Ransom Note Records)

1995- HOW LOVELY NOWHERE IS CD comp. (Nothing Records)

1996- P.C. FULL OF SHIT! 7" (Beer City Records)


1997 & 1998- AIN'T A DAMN THING CHANGED! CD/LP (Beer City Records)

1998- CHECKING IN WITH THE WORLD CD comp. (Cold Front Records)

1999- Split 7" w/ FANG "Skinheads Smoke Dope With A Cheap Beer Hangover" (Beer City)

1999- TANKED (Beer City Sk8 Video)

1999- BLACK EYES & BROKEN BOTTLES LP comp (Beer City)

1999- IT'S HARASSMENT CD (Industrial Strength Records)

1999- WELCOME TO THE BAY CD comp. (Industrial Strength Records)

2000- STRANGLEHOLD CD comp. (Triple X Records)

2000- MUSIC TO KILL YOURSELF BY CD comp. (Caustic Truths Zine No. 73)

2000- IT'S HARASSMENT purple vinyl LP (Beer City)


2001- I.S.R. SAMPLER No. 2, 2001 (6,000 pressed)

2002- THE PAST AIN'T GONNA CHANGE CD (Burnt Ramen Records)

2002- THE ELV-BENEFIT CD Comp. (NC Records, Belgium)

2003- ALMOST 10 YEARS OF LOSING AND FUCKING UP CD Comp. (Friendly Cow, Germany)

2004- COUNTER ATTACK CD Comp. (Beer City)

2004- ONES THAT CONTROL CD (Blazing Guns)

2004- ALL TANKED UP CD Comp.

2005- PUNK ROCK REPO Comp.





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