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In Malaysian folklore, the Orang Mawas or Mawas (also known as the Orang Dalam) is an entity reported to inhabit the jungle of Johor in Malaysia. It is described as being about 10 ft (2.4–3 m) tall, bipedal and covered in black fur, and has been reported feeding on fish and raiding orchards. There have been many sightings of the creature, which the local Orang Asli people call hantu jarang gigi, which translates as 'Snaggle-toothed Ghost'.[1] Recorded claims of Mawas sightings date back to 1871.[2] Some speculate the creature may be a surviving Gigantopithecus, while others dismiss the sightings as misidentified sun bears.The creature is similar to the Muwa, another hominid, this time found in the Philippines. In the jungle of southern Thailand, there are stories of hikers for many days, with monster hairs covering the body like a monkey or ape, but speaking like a human called "Butnak" (Thai: บุดนาก[3]).

In Sumatra, mawas (sometimes maias) is common name for the orangutan.[citation needed]


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