Order of the Seal of Solomon

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Order of the Seal of Solomon
ETH Order of Solomon BAR.png
Ribband of the order
Award of Ethiopian Empire
Type Order presented to heads of state
Royal house House of Solomon
Religious affiliation Ethiopian Orthodox
Sovereign Emperor of Ethiopia
Grades Knight Grand Cordon
Grand Officer
Chevalier (Knight)
Established 1874
Next (higher) Imperial Order of Solomon
Next (lower) Imperial Order of the Queen of Sheba

The Order of the Seal of Solomon is an order of knighthood of the Ethiopian Empire. Founded in 1874, it was the highest honour presented until the Order of Solomon, previously awarded has the highest class of the order with the special class of Collar, was made an independent order in 1930 by Emperor Haile Selassie.

The Solomonic dynasty, the ancient Imperial House of Ethiopia, claims descent from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, said to have given birth to King Menelik I after her visit to Solomon in Jerusalem.[1]


The badge of the order is a gold Star of David with a cross bottony in the center enameled green with a central gold Latin cross. The badge was suspended by the Ethiopian crown in gold. The plaque bears the badge of the order on a gold star with rays. The ribbon is solid green. Lower grades of the order had the central cross botton enameled.