Orlando Aloysius Battista

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Orlando Aloysius Battista
BornJune 20, 1917
DiedOctober 3, 1995 (aged 78)
OccupationChemist and author
Spouse(s)Helen Francis Keffer
ChildrenWilliam, Elizabeth Ann
Parent(s)James K. Battista

Orlando Aloysius Battista (June 20, 1917 – October 3, 1995),[1] also frequently referred to as O.A. Battista, was a Canadian-American chemist and author. A devout Catholic, he was notable in his writing for not shying away from advertising his religious beliefs as well as his scientific ones.


Battista was born in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, as the seventh of eight children. His father was a long-time Canadian government employee. As a child, he was an altar boy and earned money via shoveling snow and a newspaper route. He began writing at the age of twelve, after saving enough money to buy a typewriter.[2]


“An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.” — Orlando A. Battista.


  • God's World and You (1957)
  • Fundamentals of High Polymers (1958)
  • The Challenge of Chemistry (1959) Illustrated by Gil Cohen.
  • The Power to Influence People (1959)
  • Mental Drugs; Chemistry's Challenge to Psychotherapy (1960)
  • Common Science in Everyday Life (1960)
  • Toward the Conquest of Cancer (1961)
  • Synthetic Fibers in Papermaking (1964)
  • A Dictionary of Quotations (1966)
  • Childish Questions (1973) With Helen Keffer Battista. Illustrated by Keiko Couch.
  • Research for Profit (1974)
  • Microcrystal Polymer Science (1975)
  • People Power (1977)
  • O. A. Battista's Quotations : A Speaker's Dictionary (1977)
  • Olympiad of Knowledge—1984 (1981)




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