Oroua River

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Oroua River
Iron Gate Hut Track - Oroua River, Ruahine Range 04.jpg
Oroua River, 2016
Country New Zealand
Physical characteristics
River mouth Manawatu River

The Oroua River is a river of the southwestern North Island of New Zealand. A tributary of the Manawatu River, it flows generally southwestward from its source in the Ruahine Range, passing along the eastern edge of Feilding, and joining the Manawatu River between Palmerston North and Shannon.It is fed by local streams & rivers such as the Makino River, which starts in the NW of the district and follows a meandering course through farmland, and then bisects the town of Feilding from the NW to the SW. The Makino was a major cause in flooding of the town centre in 2004. The Oroua has also been the cause of considerable flooding locally over the years due in part to the flat nature of the terrain, especially where it converges with the Manawatu River.

Coordinates: 40°26′S 175°26′E / 40.433°S 175.433°E / -40.433; 175.433