Oslo Grand Prix

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Oslo Grand Prix
Group One International race
Location Bjerke Racetrack
Oslo, Norway
Inaugurated 1966
Race type Harness race for standardbred trotters
Website www.bjerke.no/Oslo-Grand-Prix
Race information
Distance 2,100 meters (1.31 mile)
Track Left-handed 1,000 meter track (0.62 mile)
Qualification Invitational
Purse ≈US$427,000 (NOK 2.87 million, ≈€308,000)

Oslo Grand Prix is an annual Group One harness event that takes place at Bjerke Racetrack in Oslo, Norway.[1] The competition was inaugurated in 1966 and is regarded as Norway's biggest trotting event.[2][3] It is raced over 2,100 meters and is part of the European Grand Circuit. The overall purse for the 2009 event was 2.87 million Norwegian kroner (NOK), equalling approximately US$427,000 or €308,000.[2][4] The fastest winning time in the history of the race is 1:11.5, run by L'Amiral Mauzun in 2008.[5]

Racing conditions[edit]

Oslo Grand Prix is since 1981 been decided through a race over 2,100 meter. Before that, the event had different looks. In the debut year, 1966, the event consisted of two heats over different distances (1,600 and 2,100 meters). The same eight horses competed in both heats and the winner was the horse with the best total ranking. These conditions were altered the second year, 1967. Two heats were still used, but this year they were over 1,700 and 2,100 meters, with richer horses starting 20 meters behind. 1973 the event went back to being decided over one 1,600 and one 2,100 heat. Between 1976 and 1980, 16 horses competed, divided into two elimination heats, from which a number of horses progressed to the final the same day. In 1976, both the eliminations and the final were over 1,700 meters. In 1978 autostart (a motorized gate) was introduced, and the Oslo Grand Prixs of 1978-1980 consisted of eliminations heat over 1,600 meters followed by finals over 2,100 meters. From 1981, the present conditions have been ruling. One single race over 2,100 meters, started by a motorized gate.[6]

The 2012 Oslo Grand Prix[edit]

May 13 2012

  1. France Roxane Grif - Eric Raffin
  2. Sweden Yarrah Boko - Kai Johansen
  3. France Quarcio du Chene - Björn Goop
  4. France Timoko - Richard Westerink
  5. United States Arch Madness - Trond Smedshammer
  6. Sweden Commander Crowe - Christophe Martens
  7. Norway Viking Frecel - Vidar Hop
  8. Canada Windsong Geant - Rick Zeron
  9. Sweden Beanie M.M. - Johnny Takter
  10. Sweden Joke Face - Lutfi Kolgjini

Past winners[edit]

Horses with most wins[edit]

  • 2 - Copiad (1994, 1995)
  • 2 - Gidde Palema (2003, 2004)
  • 2 - Grande Frances (1976, 1978)
  • 2 - Rex Rodney (1986, 1987)[5]

Drivers with most wins[edit]

Sires with most winning offsprings[edit]

  • 2 - Nevele Pride (Hickory Almahurst, Meadow Roland)
  • 2 - Noble Victory (E.O. Brunn, Noble Action)
  • 2 - Texas (Nordin Hanover, Copiad)[5]

Countries, number of wins[edit]

Based on the nationalities of the winning horses' owners:

Fastest winner[edit]

Auto start (1978-)[edit]

Short distance (1,600 m)[edit]
  • 1:15,8 (km rate) - Madison Avenue (1978) and Gadames (1980)[6]
Middle distance (2,100 m)[edit]
  • 1:11.5 (km rate) - L'Amiral Mauzun (2008)[6]

Volt start (1966-1976)[edit]

Short distance (1,600 - 1,700 m)[edit]
  • 1:18.1 (km rate) - Noble Action (1972)[6]
Middle distance (≈2,100 m)[edit]
  • 1:20,6 (km rate) - Molnets Broder (1975) (won the longer of that year's two races and finished second overall)[6]

All winners of Oslo Grand Prix[edit]

Year Winner Driver Trainer Owner Km. Time
1966 Scott Protector Karsten Buer Karsten Buer Asbjørn Jensen Norway 1:23.0
1967 Xanthe Gösta Nordin Robert Westergren Robert Westergren Sweden 1:23.6
1968 Race cancelled
1969 Baron Gruff Gösta Nordin Gösta Nordin Stall Gruff Sweden 1:23.5
1970 Race cancelled
1971 Unor Lars Axelsson Lars Axelsson Stall Montigny Sweden 1:19.5
1972 Noble Action Sören Nordin Sören Nordin Stall Hak / Stall Idre Sweden 1:18.1
1973 Gaby Bulwark Sören Nordin Sören Nordin Stall Rol Christ / Fello / Opal Sweden 1:18.6
1974 Boett Sören Norberg Sören Norberg Karl Adolfsson Sweden 1:21.0
1975 Hassan Star Kjell P. Dahlström Kjell P. Dahlström Ulla Dahlström Sweden 1:19.1
1976 Grande Frances Ulf Thoresen Bengt Arvidsson Stall Oskar Sweden 1:19.7
1977 Race cancelled
1978 Grande Frances Ulf Thoresen Bengt Arvidsson Stall Oskar Sweden 1:17.0
1979 Hillion Brillouard Philippe Allaire Christian Riviere Ch. Riviere France 1:19.9
1980 Express Gaxe Gunnar Axelryd Gunnar Axelryd Stall Bafata Sweden 1:17.1
1981 Pamir Brodde Karl Erik Nilsson Karl Erik Nilsson Stall Point Sweden 1:16.3
1982 Zorrino Tommy Hanné Tommy Hanné Ingvar Andersson Sweden 1:18.9
1983 E.O. Brunn Bo William Takter Bo William Takter Stall Tranen Sweden 1:15.6
1984 Hickory Almahurst Ulf Nordin Ulf Nordin M. C. Andersen Denmark 1:16.3
1985 Ogorek Michel Roussel Michel Roussel Jean Pachoud Switzerland 1:16.0
1986 Rex Rodney Kjell Håkonsen Kjell Håkonsen Torleif Thu Norway 1:14.7
1987 Rex Rodney Kjell Håkonsen Kjell Håkonsen Torleif Thu Norway 1:13.7
1988 Sugarcane Hanover Gunnar Eggen Gunnar Eggen Stall Cheval United States 1:12.5
1989 Ourasi Michel Marcel Gougeon Jean Rene Gougeon R. Ostheimer France 1:13.5
1990 Meadow Roland Preben Kjærsgaard Preben Kjærsgaard M. Duckert / Stald E.H. / Stut. Focus Denmark 1:13.8
1991 Peace Corps Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson AB Gnägget Sweden 1:14.1
1992 Sea Cove Joseph Verbeeck Harald Grendel Gestut Cicero Germany 1:14.6
1993 Nordin Hanover Olle Goop Olle Goop Håkan Andersson Sweden 1:14.3
1994 Copiad Erik Berglöf Erik Berglöf Stall Succé Sweden 1:12.7
1995 Copiad Erik Berglöf Erik Berglöf Stall Succé Sweden 1:12.7
1996 Ina Scot Helen A. Johansson Kjell P. Dahlström Ina Q AB / Kjell Dahlström AB Sweden 1:12.9
1997 Zoogin Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt Håkan Anderssons Åkeri Sweden 1:14.6
1998 Huxtable Hornline Joseph Verbeeck Anders Lindqvist Leverre International S.A. Luxembourg 1:13.2
1999 Ganymede Jean Pierre Dubois Jean Pierre Dubois Daniel Wildenstein France 1:12.6
2000 Victory Tilly Stig H. Johansson Stig H. Johansson Stall Kalas Sweden 1:12.0
2001 Giant Cat Nicolas Roussel Nicolas Roussel Mme. Bernard Bessiere France 1:12.1
2002 Brads Photo Wilhelm Pal Holger Ehlert Scuderia Vilenzo Italy 1:13.9
2003 Gidde Palema Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt Stall Palema Sweden 1:12.2
2004 Gidde Palema Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt Stall Palema Sweden 1:11.7
2005 Steinlager Per Oleg Midtfjeld Per Oleg Midtfjeld Knut Olausson Norway 1:12.5
2006 Mara Bourbon Erik Adielsson Jean Pierre Dubois Jean Pierre Dubois France 1:13.2
2007 Super Light Jörgen Westerholm Jörgen Westerholm Stall Velvet Trav AB Sweden 1:12.2
2008 L’Amiral Mauzun Tony Le Beller Jean-Philippe Ducher Comte Paul de Senneville France 1:11.5
2009 Russel November Hugo Langeweg, Jr Hugo Langeweg, Jr Stal Amsterdam Netherlands 1:14.3
2010 Lisa America Jorma Kontio Jerry Riordan Guida Italia Sc Italy 1:11.7
2011 Arch Madness Björn Goop Trond Smedshammer Marc D. Goldberg / Willow Pond LLC United States 1:11.5
2012 Commander Crowe Christophe Martens Fabrice Souloy Snogarps Gård AB Sweden 1:11.5
2013 Sebastian K. Åke Svanstedt Åke Svanstedt Knutsson Trotting AB Sweden 1:12.8
2014 Univers de Pan Philippe Daugeard Philippe Daugeard M. Olivier Horvath France 1:11.9
2015 B.B.S. Sugarlight Peter Untersteiner Fredrik Solberg Stall Sugarlight & Gunnar Karlsen Norway 1:11.3
2016 Your Highness Bjørn Goop Fabrice Souloy P.V.Racing Stable HB & Ullo AB Sweden 1:10.5

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