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The Oslo Marathon is an annual marathon that takes place between the end of September and the beginning of October. There are four distances; marathon, half-marathon, 10 and 3 km.

The track goes along the seaside of Oslofjord. It is very flat, and competitors in the marathon run it twice.


The first Oslo Marathon took place in 1994. After some years without any long distance race, the capital of Norway re-launched the Oslo Marathon in 2004.

The number of participants in the 2010 edition was close to 16,000, of which almost 50% were women.



Year Winner men Country Time Winner women Country Time
2017 Yuki Kawauchi  Japan 2:15:58 Hilde Aders  Norway 2:54:31
2016 Marius Vedvik  Norway 2:21:53 Marthe Myhre  Norway 2:43:34
2015 Taye Tirfea  Ethiopia 2:20:49 Hilde Aders  Norway 2:52:35
2014 Taye Tirfea  Ethiopia 2:21:36 Laila Mehus  Norway 2:54:27
2013 Andreas Myhre  Norway 2:24:50 Marianne Johansen  Norway 2:47:57
2012 Øystein Sylta  Norway 2:25:42 Marthe Myhre  Norway 2:44:43
2011 Andreas Myhre  Norway 2:27:28 Marthe Myhre  Norway 2:52:30
2010 Andreas Høye  Norway 2:29:21 Fride Vullum-Bruer  Norway 2:45:34
2009 John Strupstad  Norway 2:32:29 Margaretha Baumann  Norway 2:49:49
2008 Martin Kjäll-Ohlsson  Norway 2:26:15 Sharon Broadwell  Norway 2:57:03
2007 Ronny Hognestad  Norway 2:35:04 Margaretha Baumann  Norway 2:52:26
2006 Henrik Sandstad  Norway 2:24:00 Margrethe Løgavlen  Norway 2:56:01

Half Marathon[edit]

Year Winner men Country Time Winner women Country Time
2017 Okubamichael Fissehatsion  Eritrea 1:04:45 Runa Skrove Falch  Norway 1:16:32
2016 Okubamichael Fissehatsion  Eritrea 1:05:50 Rebecca Louise Hilland  Norway 1:16:48
2015 Boniface Kirui  Kenya 1:03:24 Eleanor Davis  United Kingdom 1:15:45
2014 Sondre Nordstad Moen  Norway 1:02:59 Heidi Pharo  Norway 1:17:18


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