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The museum at Majorstuen
Heritage tram no. 70 in Oslo Sporveier livery

Oslo Tramway Museum (Norwegian: Sporveismuseet is a railway museum located at Majorstuen in Oslo, Norway. It is dedicated to the preservation of the Oslo Tramway, Oslo T-bane, Oslo trolleybus and buses used in Oslo. The museum is run by the non-profit organization Lokaltrafikkhistorisk Forening (LTF) with 450 members. The museum also operates a heritage tramway in Vinterbro outside Oslo.[1]

LTF was founded in 1966, six years after the city council had decided to close down the tramway and trolleybus. This followed the closing of the Bergen Tramway, where only a single tram had been kept. As of 2004, the museum had 56 rail vehicles, 31 buses and seven other vehicles. This included four trolleybuses.[2]


The tramway museum at Majorstuen is located in Depot 5. Since 1994, the museum has been connected to the tramway at Majorstuen Station. This consists of a hall with 25 trams, 10 buses and other vehicles on display, as well as offices for the organization and a store. There is also heritage runs with old tram stock on the Oslo Tramway.[3]


At Vinterbro, located just west of the amusement park Tusenfryd, the museum has built a 300 metres (980 ft), 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge, heritage tramway. Construction has been under way since the 1970s. It includes the former station building of Slemdal Station, dismantled and then reassembed on site, and a Narvesen kiosk.[4] In late 2008 the overhead wires were stolen, so that Vinterbro has been closed for public since then.


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