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Temporal range: Early Triassic
Fossil elements
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Family: Euparkeriidae (?)
Genus: Osmolskina
Borsuk−Białynicka & Evans, 2003
Type species
Osmolskina czatkowicensis
Borsuk−Białynicka & Evans, 2003

Osmolskina is a genus of archosauriform reptile which lived during the Early Triassic in what is now Poland. The type species, Osmolskina czatkowicensis, was described by Magdalena Borsuk−Białynicka and Susan Evans in 2003. The generic name honors the late female Polish paleontologist Halszka Osmólska.[1]

Osmolskina closely resembles the well-known genus Euparkeria. The authors of the 2003 paper considered classifying Osmolskina within the family Euparkeriidae, noting the animal's close resemblance to Euparkeria, but concluded that "Euparkeriidae remains monotypic because no other genus can be assigned to it with confidence."


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