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Temporal range: Early Triassic
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Clade: Archosauromorpha
Family: incertae sedis
Genus: Prolacertoides
Yang, 1973
Type species
Prolacertoides jimusarensis
Yang, 1973

Prolacertoides is an extinct genus of archosauromorph reptile from the Early Triassic of China, the type species being Prolacertoides jimusarensis. Prolacertoides is known from a single partial skull from Xinjiang in northwestern China. It was named in 1973 and classified in the family Prolacertidae. The first phylogenetic analyses to include Prolacertoides (published in 1988 and 1997) found it to be most closely related to the Late Triassic archosauromorph Trilophosaurus rather than prolacertids.[1] Another analysis published in 1997 included Prolacertoides but its relationships with other archosauromorphs could not be resolved because few distinctive anatomical characteristics are known.[2] The exact relationships of Prolacertoides are still unknown.[3]


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