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Otiorhynchus sulcatus 23-8-2007 20-10-41.JPG
Otiorhynchus sulcatus
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Coleoptera
Family: Curculionidae
Subfamily: Entiminae
Tribe: Otiorhynchini
Genus: Otiorhynchus
Germar, 1822



Brachyrhinus Latreille, [1802][1]

Otiorhynchus (often spelt Otiorrhynchus) is a large genus of weevils in the family Curculionidae. Many species of the genus, particularly the black vine weevil (O. sulcatus) and the strawberry root weevil (O. ovatus), are important pests, both as larvae and as adults. Larvae feed on plant roots. Adults are flightless with fused elytra and feed at night on plant foliage.[2][3] In many species of the genus at least some races are polyploid and parthenogenetic, while the rest of the races and species are diploid and bisexual. Otiorhynchus weevils, particularly O. scaber, have been a popular subject for studies of the evolution of parthenogenesis. The genus is native to the Palearctic region. However, sixteen species were inadvertently introduced to North America and have become widespread there.[2][3]

Otiorhynchus sp.

A number of species are troglobites, cave-dwelling animals that lack eyes.[4][5]

There are over 1,500 species in this genus, which is divided into at least 105 subgenera.[4]

Species include:


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