Oued Taga

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Coordinates: 35°25′N 6°23′E / 35.417°N 6.383°E / 35.417; 6.383

Oued Taga
وادي الطاقة
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Municipality headquarters of Oued Taga
Municipality headquarters of Oued Taga
Dz - 05-48 Oued Taga - Wilaya de Batna map.svg
Oued Taga is located in Algeria
Oued Taga
Oued Taga
Coordinates: 35°20′N 6°14′E / 35.33°N 6.23°E / 35.33; 6.23
Country Algeria
Province Batna
Time zone West Africa Time (UTC+1)

Oued Taga is a town in north-eastern Algeria.



Berbaga Cascades[edit]

The Cascades de Berbaga are located in a mountainous area difficult to reach by car in the commune of Oued Taga in the wilaya of Batna a few kilometers from Timgad]].


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