Out Loud (Boom Boom Satellites album)

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Out Loud
Studio album by Boom Boom Satellites
Released October 31, 1998
Genre Electronica
Label R&S Records (EU)
Sony Japan (JP)
Epic Records (US)
Boom Boom Satellites chronology
Push Eject
Out Loud

Out Loud is the first studio album by the Japanese electronica/rock band, Boom Boom Satellites. It was released on October 31, 1998, originally by R&S Records in Europe and by Sony in Japan. A version was released under the Epic label in the US the following year. This US version includes "4 A Moment of Silence" and "Dub Me Crazy Ver. 02" where other versions do not. A two-disc vinyl release exists as does a limited edition CD version with slipcover and artwork inlay. Both of these versions were released by R&S.[1] European versions of the cover have the artwork border in white whereas the Japanese and US releases are in black.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Missing Note" – 7:02
  2. "Batter the Jam No. 3" – 5:59
  3. "Push Eject" – 5:28
  4. "Limbo" – 7:30
  5. "Intruder" – 1:10
  6. "An Owl" – 4:36
  7. "Oneness" – 2:36
  8. "Scatterin' Monkey" – 5:14
  9. "Def" – 4:10 (US and EU versions only[1])
  10. "On the Painted Desert" – 8:35
  11. "4 A Moment of Silence" – 6:42 (US version only[1])
  12. "Dub Me Crazy Ver. 02" – 6:46 (US version only[1])


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