Out of This Spark

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Out of This Spark
Founded 2006 (2006)
Founder Stuart Duncan
Genre Indie
Country of origin  Canada
Location Toronto, Ontario
Official website outofthisspark.com

Out of this Spark is an independent record label founded in the fall of 2006 by Stuart Duncan in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The label is an artist-focused label that works to release fun, exciting and innovative music, with a focus a facilitating the distribution of music to the masses for musicians in a participatory fashion. The label is different in the sense that they do not own any of their artists' master recordings or publishing rights.[1]

Out of this Spark’s first release was a 2007 benefit compilation for the Daily Bread Food Bank, entitled Friends in Bellwoods.

Recently Out of this Spark joined Arts & Crafts in a distribution deal for North America.


  1. Various Artists - Friends in Bellwoods (2007)
  2. The D'Urbervilles - We Are the Hunters (2008)
  3. Forest City Lovers - Haunting Moon Sinking (2008)
  4. Jenny Omnichord - Charlotte or Otis: Duets for Children, Their Parents and Other People Too (2008)
  5. Timber Timbre - Timber Timbre (2009)
  6. Various Artists - Friends in Bellwoods II (2009)
  7. Evening Hymns - Spirit Guides (2009)
  8. Forest City Lovers - Carriage (2010)
  9. Snowblink - Long Live (2011)
  10. Tasseomancy - Ulalume (2011)


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