Out of the Dark (1995 film)

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Out of the Dark
Film poster
Traditional 回魂夜
Simplified 回魂夜
Mandarin Huí Hún Yè
Cantonese Wui4 Wan4 Je6
Directed by Jeffrey Lau
Produced by Mona Fong
Written by Jeffrey Lau
Starring Stephen Chow
Karen Mok
Bryan Leung
Wong Yat-fei
Lee Lik-chi
Carol Tam
Ben Wong
Music by Wu Wai-lap
Cinematography Wong Chi-wai (H.K.S.C)
Edited by Kai Kit-wai
Distributed by Cosmopolitan Film Productions
Release date
  • 30 June 1995 (1995-06-30) (Taiwan)
  • 6 July 1995 (1995-07-06) (Hong Kong)
Running time
86 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$16,281,325

Out of the Dark (回魂夜; literal translation: "Night of Returning Soul") is a 1995 Hong Kong comedy horror film directed by Jeffrey Lau, starring Stephen Chow and Karen Mok.


Out of the Dark has earned a reputation as Stephen Chow's darkest film yet, adding brutal violence, gore, blood, and a wealth of black humour, including Chow's signature nonsense jokes.

The film is directed by Hong Kong director Jeffrey Lau. Chow plays Leo, a mental patient/ghostbuster who is a parody of the character Léon from the 1994 French film, The Professional, who talks to his plant for assistance, and co-starring Karen Mok as Kwan, a curious young girl who gets caught up with all the spooky situations. The pair are then joined by a brigade of quirky security guards in an attempt to get rid of the evil lurking in a supposedly haunted apartment building situated in Hong Kong.


  • Stephen Chow as Leo
  • Karen Mok as Kwan
  • Bryan Leung as Mr. Wu
  • Wong Yat-fei as Tit-dam, Security Guard
  • Lee Lik-chi as a Security Guard
  • Ben Wong as Keung
  • Lee Kin-yan as Fat Cat
  • Lam Suet as Eatery assistant
  • Carol Tam as Mrs. Lee
  • Lo Hung as Captain Lo
  • Bruce Mang as Ming
  • Chow Chi-fai as Mr. Lee
  • Heung Dip as Beard/Chang
  • Hau Woon-ling as Mr. Lee's dead mother
  • Hui Si-man as Mrs. Cheung
  • Wong Kam-tong as Kwan's father
  • Bill Chan Wing-biu
  • Wong Hei-yeung
  • Jackson Ha Chak-san


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