Oxalis barrelieri

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Oxalis barrelieri
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Eudicots
(unranked): Rosids
Order: Oxalidales
Family: Oxalidaceae
Genus: Oxalis
Species: O. barrelieri
Binomial name
Oxalis barrelieri

Oxalis barrelieri, the Barrelier's woodsorrel,[1] or lavender sorrel, also commonly called in French trèfle, oseille-marron, or oseille-savane, is a plant from the genus Oxalis. It also bears the Latin synonym, Oxalis bahiensis. It is native to the West Indies and to Central America and South America (Smith, 1985; pp. 624–625). It was introduced into parts of Africa, Ceylon, and Malesia (Smith, 1985; pp. 624–625). It is considered a weed in the Caroline and Mariana Islands and in Samoa (Smith, 1985; pp. 624–625).

The plant grows to a height of 20–150 cm and has pink flowers with a greenish or yellow base (Smith, 1985; pp. 624–625). Leaflets on the stems generally have three leaves attached to the center (Smith, 1985; pp. 624–625).


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