Ozerki line

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Ozerki line Russian: линия в Озерки
Kolomyagi railway station.jpg
One of line stations - "Kolomuagi"
Type Heavy rail
System Commuter cargo and passenger railroad
Status Local
Locale St. Petersburg, Russia
Termini Primorsky Rail Terminal, Primorsky - goods, from 1924 - Novaya Derevnya
Stations 5
Services Primorsky Rail Terminal - Ozerki, from 1924 - Novaya Derevnya - Ozerki
Opened 1893[1]
Closed 1929
Line length 6.2 km (3.85 mi)
Track gauge 1,524 mm (5 ft)
Route map
Primorskaya railway, Russia
Ozerki line
line Vyborg line
Up arrow Vyborg
Up arrow Beloostrov
Up arrow Pargolovo
line Small October railway
Left arrow LesnayaOzerki
6.2 Ozernaya ↔Ozerki
line Vyborg line
Down arrow Finland Station
Down arrow Udelnaya
5.0 Grafskiy Pavilion
3.0 Kolomuagi
line Small October railway
Left arrow Kirovskaya
2.0 Skachki
line Tovarnaya line
Right arrow Finland Station
Right arrow Flyugov post
line SPb-Sestr-Beloostrov
Right arrow Finland Station
Right arrow Lanskaya
Severny factory
Novaya DerevnyaObjects 1893
line SPb-Sestr-Beloostrov
Down arrow Beloostrov
Down arrow Sestroretsk
Down arrow Staraya Derevnya
Primorsky - goods
0.0 Primorsky Rail T. (before 1924)
To Summer Garden(Neva)
Distances in kilometers

The Ozerki line was the first line constructed by the Primorskaya railway in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It was opened on July 23, 1893,[1] and closed in 1929.



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