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P. P. Sreedharanunni (born 12 April 1944) is a Malayalam–language poet from Kerala state, South India. His collection of poems titled Khshanapathram received the Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award in the year 2005.[1] His other works include Akasathinte Veru, Uyarthezhunnelppu, Thalappoli and Kavalkkarante Pattu. He also worked as the programme executive in All India Radio.[2]

Among contemporary Malayalam poets P.P. Sreedharanunni has acquired a space which is both prominent and unpredictable. By not falling in line with any of the currently popular trends of Malayalam poetry his art exhibits bold isolation. At the same time he draws strength from the history of Malayalam versification, from the classical down to the post-modern age. His poetry manifests itself as an elusive mosaic made of myths and urban images, of plain narrative lores turning into formidable riddles, and of silken romanticism in strange company with post modern meta-narratives. When his poetic career started critics soon identified him as a later-romantic. But this rather pejorative label soon proved insufficient to explain his poetry as the poet exhibited growth in multiple directions. Today, he remains an important figure in the contemporary Malayalam poetry.[3]


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