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Power Admin
Private Company
Industry Network monitoring, Computer performance, Remote administration, Application performance management, Website monitoring, Network management, System monitor, Comparison of network monitoring systems
Founded 1992
Headquarters Kansas City metropolitan area, United States

PA Server Monitor is a server monitoring and network monitoring software application, developed by Power Admin LLC.[1]

The main function of the software is to monitor performance of servers and network devices in Windows and Linux environments. Data is kept on customers servers, not stored in the cloud. An agentless monitoring software to watch ping, CPU, memory, disk, SNMP + traps, events, with available historical reports. Apps are available for iOS and Android.


Power Admin LLC is a privately held company founded by IT professionals, located in Olathe, Kansas, just outside the downtown Kansas City area. Power Admin has been providing professional grade system monitoring products since 1992 for all types of business from SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

Power Admin also developed two other popular utilities that are used all over the world.

PAExec[2] allows a user to launch Windows programs[3] on remote Windows computers without needing to install software on the remote computer first.[4] This was written as an alternative to Microsoft's PsExec[5] tool (originally by SysInternals's Mark Russinovich), because it could not be redistributed, and sensitive command-line options like username and passwords were sent as clear text. Source code is readily available on GitHub.[6]

Power Admin also developed SpeedFanHttpAgent.[7] The SpeedFan HTTP Agent exports and allows you to access SpeedFan's (utility by Alfredo Milani Comparetti) temperature data from across the network via a simple HTTP request.

What it Does[edit]

PA Server Monitor monitors event logs, disk space, running services, web page content, SNMP object values, log files, processes, ping response time, directory quotas, changed files and directories. Equipped to monitor thousands of servers/devices from a single installation, and more via satellite monitoring services.

It has extensive reporting to get status reports for servers/devices, group summaries, uptime and historic stats, providing actions and alerts by customizable email, SMS and other types of notifications, and suppression and escalation of certain notifications. It can also automatically restart services and run custom scripts.

Other capabilities include satellite monitoring of remote offices/locations across firewalls and/or across the internet without a VPN, agentless server monitoring and a bulk config feature to speed changes across many servers/devices.

Version History[8][edit]

  • v. (2014)
  • v.5.2.112 (2013)
  • v.5.2.49 (2012)
  • v. (2011)
  • v. (2010)
  • v. (2009)
  • v. (2008)
  • v. (2007)
  • v. (2006)
  • v.2.2.15 (2005)
  • v. (2004)
  • v.1.0.6 (First Beta Release (2004))

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